Prior’s Field girls are self-confident and secure, speak modestly about their own success and show their pride in the achievements of others.

ISI Report 2016 – Section 4.8

A positive and friendly community

We actively see to make Prior’s Field a happy and friendly place to learn. We believe that happy girls make happy learners who will achieve their very best.

Our girls spend their time at Prior’s Field being known and supported at every stage.

Beginning with our Admissions Department, we ensure that the transition into Prior’s Field is smooth and easy. The wellbeing journey for each individual girl is continued by the Pastoral Team for the duration of her time at Prior’s Field. The support is continued by the Alumni Office who facilitates networking opportunities for years to come.

Prior’s Field has always, since its foundation in 1902, focused on the development of well-rounded, balanced young women. Pastoral support and positive wellbeing are evident in the very vibe that runs throughout the school attracting teaching and support staff who value the ideology. We focus on motivation, self-belief and enjoyment to bring out the best in our pupils; there is no need to drive the girls with relentless pressure.

Six members of our Senior Leadership Team, including the Head, have a pastoral background; they have a wealth of strong and varied experience.

Our Heads of Year and Wellbeing Coordinator have a range of specialisms relevant for supporting girls as they navigate towards, and through, their teenage years. These include managing stress and anxiety, dealing with academic pressure, navigating friendships, understanding LGBT and coping with the negative issues attached to using social media. They lead teams of tutors who offer the girls immediate and daily support. Successes are celebrated immediately; problems nipped in the bud swiftly.

Experienced First and Second year teams focus getting the girls well settled academically, creatively and pastorally. They get to know the girls and support them in finding their place in the world as they approach their teenage years.

The girls are handed over to knowledgeable and strong Third, Fourth and Fifth year teams who take them through their GCSE years. This has the advantage of supporting new girls who join us in Year 9; they join newly formed groups with a new tutor making it easier to make new friends and integrate into the year group and the school.

Our Sixth Form is exceptional; their expertise in the UCAS process ensures that each individual girl is supported in achieving the best outcome for them. This is clearly demonstrated by the leavers’ statistics.

A programme of Form Time Topics and Pastoral and Wellbeing Days allows PSHE, SRE and Careers Guidance to be addressed, discussed and promoted. Using the expertise of outside speakers alongside our own specialist staff, we engage the girls in both pertinent and sensitive topics. We ask them to react and respond to issues to develop and widen their understanding and make good decisions.

Part of preparing our girls for the modern world and equipping them with the skills and strategies needed to be successful includes a programme of mindfulness. All girls will undertake a nine week accredited course from MISP (Mindfulness in School Project) and further opportunities to support this provision are growing.

Not forgetting that parents are an important part of our pastoral community, we hold Pastoral and Wellbeing Evenings that both inform on pertinent issues and allow for discussion.

PAW for Parents

PAW for Parents (Pastoral and Wellbeing for parents) is a microsite where our Assistant Head – Pastoral and Welling and Head of Boarding have shared some links and resources that might support you, as a parent, as your daughter makes her way through her teenage years.

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