School Uniform

First to Fifth Form:

Our uniform provider is School Blazer:

School Blazer uses intelligent sizing to determine the best uniform that allows for growth. They recommend you are accurate with your initial measurements and update them each time you order new supplies. Should the uniform not fit, there is a return and replace policy. School Blazer also provides a name tape service which we strongly recommend. All uniform needs to be labelled clearly to avoid loss.

We encourage all girls to take pride in their appearance. The skirts are designed to sit on/above the knee. No skirt should be more than a palm width above the knee. Necklaces, bracelets and rings should not be worn to school. A single pair of small studs in the ear lobes is permitted. Nail varnish is not allowed. In First to Fourth Form, hair should be neatly tied up at all times and no makeup should be worn. In Fifth Form, hair needs to be tied back off the face and discrete makeup is acceptable. All hair needs to be tied up whilst in the dining room

Sixth Form:

Sixth Former’s require a smart working suit to be worn for formal occasions and ‘Suit Days’. ‘Suit Days’ are every Monday; Tuesday to Friday Sixth Former’s are able to wear smart casual clothes as per the uniform list.

The suit can be any colour and consist of a skirt, dress or trousers paired with a matching jacket. Any suitable shirt may be worn. Skirts or dresses must hang well and be no more than a palm width above the knee.

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