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Drama students began the week by performing at Waverley Abbey Junior School, to Year 6 students who have been studying Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. Several of the Year 6 pupils had seen Prior’s Field girls in action last week at G Live, when 33 of our First to Fourth Formers delivered a simply spine-tingling performance from ‘The Scottish Play’, as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival. Such was the quality of the experience, to quote Mrs Kirnig, ‘It was hard to believe you were watching school children on stage’. From the cloying evil of the Three Witches in billowing, black cloaks, to the tension of the precarious relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and Macduff’s terrible grief at the deaths of his family, the performances were mature and captivating. Girls sang and mimed, and innovative staging and costume enabled cast members in effect to morph from trees and castle walls to a cauldron.

Later in the week, staff and students tip-toed past the Drama Studio, as 19 girls performed before a RADA assessor, most for their Bronze Award.