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On Monday the Mathematics Department welcomed Zoe Griffiths. Zoe delivers the Mathematics programme at the Royal Institution. Her favourite number is ∏ and she has been known to bake mathematical cakes.

Whilst at Prior’s Field she gave a talk to Fourth Form on the “Hidden Mathematics in Technology” looking at bar codes and pixels showing how maths is everywhere. The Third Form were challenged with “Freaky Probability” where they investigated the chance of winning tossing a coin three times to obtain a certain combination of heads and tails and the likelihood of scooping the Lottery!

Zoe was then the guest at a Sixth Form Mathematicians lunch and enjoyed finding out about the combinations of A levels being studied and the future plans of the girls to use their mathematical skills. The lunch gave the Sixth Form a chance to meet our Fifth formers planning to study maths and to tell them the (mostly) highs and lows of the A Level course. They were excited to all chat about our forth coming trip to Thorpe Park to study the mechanics, scaling up and business maths of Derren Brown’s ghost train ride!


The Lower School Mathematics Master Class on Tuesday investigated folding paper to form shapes. This creative workshop enabled the participants to build a fantastic rotating image of a 3D box and then to start on a rainbow flower or a pop up pyramid. The girls were enthusiastic about the activities and interested in how a 2D net came alive as a moving 3D sculpture. The workshop was enjoyed by both our Mathematics academic scholars and girls from a variety of maths sets working together.

‘How does a lion get its Vitamin C?’, ‘Which is more powerful: word or image?’, ‘What are your views on the voting age for the referendum on leaving Europe?’ These were just some of the questions posed by external subject specialists to our students undertaking mock Oxbridge interviews this week. Prior’s Field’s Oxbridge Coordinator and Head of History Dr Goldsmith comments, ‘The evening provided them with good practice for the real thing and useful feedback on how they can put themselves across to the greatest advantage at interview.’

A gallant team of First, Second and Third Formers debated the motion ‘This House Would Make All Schools Co-educational’ at Ibstock Place School, Roehampton on Thursday, as part of the London Junior Debating League. Thanks to Sixth Formers who participated as judges.

Fourth Form Drama students visited Weydon School for a performance by Paper Birds Theatre Company on Thursday.

Upper Sixth Art students participated in a print workshop at Ochre Studios, Guildford on Wednesday.

The Third Form were inspired by some of the latest innovations in home and design technology, on Friday’s visit to the Ideal Home Exhibition.