Word of the Week

Mr Butler says

This week’s Word of the Week is


Look up the definition of the word

  • Enter the ‘Word of the Week’ form on Frog
  • Fill in your full name and tutor group then…
  • Give me the definition
  • The word class (not difficult this week!)
  • Make up a sentence that shows the meaning
  • Get a merit (and perhaps some chocolate)

Last week’s word was the verb, ‘Carp’. It’s a really interesting word, because its origins lie in old Norse, but it didn’t come into English during the Viking invasions – it is first recorded in English in the 1400s. Its nearest relative word is in Icelandic- Karpa – which means to argue or dispute. Some very good answers this week – especially Fifth Former Steph and First Former Ruby – but the winner is Second Former Ila who referenced what she’s studying in English as well – ‘Lady Macbeth was always carping on to Macbeth about being a coward’. She gets chocolate and merits.


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