Word of the Week

Mr Butler says

This week’s etymological excitement is…


  • Find the definition and word class (adjective, noun, verb etc.)
  • Think of a sentence that shows you understand the word
  • Go to the ‘Word of the Week’ Frog panel
  • Fill out the form
  • Get a merit or three and, maybe some chocolate
  • Have a new word to use!

Last week’s word was ‘Nascent’ (adj), means ‘early in its development’. It came into English fairly late – around the 18th century – and has its origin in the Latin nasci a verb which translates as ‘being born’. Loads of lovely sentences this time, but the winner is Sixth Former Sammi for her beautifully pitched sarcasm in While everyone pushes Dr Smith to better himself in chemistry, Mrs Kirnig is encouraging his nascent chess skills.’ She gets merits and chocolate, and all entries get merits.



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